KW Automotive USA-Plant Tour


Once the end of the bar is heated, the end is shaped by swedging in this hydraulic press.  All one piece with no weld-on ends here!
The press die controls the thickness that the bar end is squished to.
After the ends are swedged, the bar is checked for correct dimensions on this surface plate. Every single bar is checked during production. You can be assured your ST Suspension bar will fit and not screw up corner weights!
Bent and checked bars are racked to have the holes drilled, then sent out for powdercoating. The blue bar is a first article sample. When the line is set up to run some bars, the first article is used to set up the machines and the measuring surface plate.
This is the sway bar R&D and quality assurance room.  It has the tools to precisely measure bars and a non-contact digitizer to assist in CAD design and to set up the bender. 
This is a close up of the non-contact digitizer. The QA room is temperature controlled for more precise measurements.

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