KW Automotive USA-Plant Tour


We were checking out the kinematics package on the cool 3-monitor workstation in the engineering department.  Just what we need for the MotoIQ Megashop.
I really want this for my desk, especially the big monitors for my middle age eyes.
Upstairs from engineering are the offices for sales, marketing, customer service and logistics.
There is also a nice lunch room.  The lunch room is equipped with coil over salt and pepper shakers.  They don't look like KW parts though. 
The main conference room is also quite impressive with an awesome 180 degree view of Clovis, California.  We could really get used to this sort of cool stuff. 

We were quite impressed with KW Automotive's North American Facilities.  KW is committing to our market in a big way.  The new facility will speed time to market and improve KW's ability to tailor product to US spec cars. There is plenty of room to expand R&D and production as the need arises, as well. We applaud KW for actually moving to produce and support all aspects of business right here in the USA, when the trend has been to cut costs and do production overseas.  



KW Automotive USA



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