M2K Motorsports 280 mph Ford GT


M2K Motorsport built the tubular 4-1 headers out of thin wall heat resistant 321 stainless steel. The headers have huge 2″ in diameter primaries, needed to help the hyper boosted engine breath.  Each individual cylinder has an EGT probe so the team can take advantage of the MoTeC ECU's cylinder to cylinder tuning capability. The headers are coated with Jet Hot Extreme 2500 Thermal Barrier coating to reduce underhood heatsoak. 
Huge K&N filters keep large volumes of intake air clean.  The large -16 hose leading to the plenum is the crankcase vent.  Dry sump systems pull a vacuum in the crank case under load and a source of clean air is needed to prevent contamination of the crankcase.
The 5.4 Ford engine runs on methanol.  Methanol requires 2x the fuel volume of gasoline, thus the car runs a huge Waterman mechanical engine driven fuel pump which is controlled by this huge Aeromotive super high volume fuel pressure regulator that can handle 200 GPH and supply fuel for up to 4000 hp.
'This massive 18 quart tank is for the engines drysump system. The Ford GT comes stock with a drysump system but it is modified with a different pulley ratio and other secret tricks to avoid spinning the oil pump too fast and over scavenging the crankcase at really high RPM.  

Over scavenging can dry out the block's cylinder walls and cause rapid bore, ring and piston wear.  Spinning the oil pump too fast can cause excess bypassing which can overheat the oil and introduce a lot of air into the system.

Methanol is notorious for causing oil dilution making what looks like a milkshake in the crank case. This milkshake does not bring all the boys to the yard but rather harms bearings, the valvetrain and worse.  Having a huge supply of oil reduces the potential harmful effects of oil dilution.


This huge tank that sits next to the driver contains over 40 gallons of ice and water to keep the plenum mounted intercooler cold.  It has to be replenished after every pass.  This is a very similar system to the one on our Project Bonneville S13.

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