M2K Motorsports 280 mph Ford GT


The rear suspension is comprised of straight up unequal length A arms which I am convinced is how all car suspension should be.  Good basic geometry, not silly multilink with rubbery pivots requiring 3 degree of freedom movement and silly passive changes to stuff which may or may not be all that well thought out! With the exception of the Ohlins shock, the rear suspension is 100% stock!

The rear suspension has forged aluminum control arms and uprights.  Really good stuff absolutely stock.  The bushings are designed for minimal compliance, you can tell by their small diameters and lack of windowing for engineered flex. 

Another thing to note is that there is no extreme amount of anti squat engineered into the suspension like many typical examples of multilink suspension on street cars.  With stiff suspension and shock valving and an engineered low CG, there is little need for it to control torque and weight transfer induced squat.  Low antisquat means the odd corner exit handling traits it can cause in high powered cars are absent in the Ford GT.


The front suspension is also race car inspired unequal length A arm.  Like the rear suspension, the front control arms and uprights are made of strong and lightweight forged aluminum. There is a slight amount of anti drive designed into the front suspension but it is not the huge amount that some cars have from the factory.  This is a good thing as a lot of antidive can cause bind in the suspension under braking with resulting unpredictable handling. Both the front and rear suspension on the Ford GT are very racecar like. 

Like the rear suspension, the front suspension bushings are low compliance. The steering tie rods bisect the angle created by the upper and lower control arms for very low bump steer.  Overall, the Ford GT has pretty well though out suspension as is!


The shocks on the M2K Motorsports Ford GT are pretty amazing.  They are through shaft, integral reservoir, 4 way adjustable Ohlins coilovers, perhaps the most sophisticated suspension bits we have yet to see bolted on anything short of an IMSA GT car.  The shocks are set up and valved by Scott Ahlman of Ahlman engineering who was one of the original suspension engineers on the Ford GT project.

These shocks are almost the same as what was used by Doran and Roberson Racing on their Ford GT racing cars.  The blue thing next to the shock is a linear transducer so the suspension can be datalogged.  This helps the team detect any potential handling and aerodynamic problems.

If the suspension seems way more stock than what you are used to, just remember M2K Motorsports is starting off with something that is designed to go fast without so much compromise for cost!


The front end uses the stock forged wheels and they are shod with Hoosier R6 tires in the stock 265/40-18 size.  The brakes use the stock Brembo 4 piston calipers with the stock brake pads.
The rear of the car also uses the stock Ford GT forged alloy wheel with a sticky 345/35-19 Hoosier R6 tire. The stock factory Brembo brakes are used with a 4 piston caliper. 
The only provision for trickiness is a Brembo two piece slotted rotor which took the place of the stock drilled one piece rotor which was prone toward cracking.  As you can see, the brakes absorb quite a bit of heat when stopping from almost 300 mph!  Even though the brakes are almost stock, they are up to the task.  Like we said a lot of this is due to starting with a better car in the first place.

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