M2K Motorsports 280 mph Ford GT


Patrick O'Gorman sits at the line waiting to unleash the beast!  Watching mile cars launch is sometimes anti climatic as the cars are geared so high or are so powerful that they have to be eased off the line. The M2K Motorsports car uses the MoTeC's native traction control system to contain what could otherwise be an outrageous amount of wheel spin.

The traction control and its tuning are critical for the car's ability to accelerate.  Naoto Negishi monitors and tweaks with its tuning, adjusting it to compensate for track conditions after reviewing the data for every pass.  The car puts down power well in first, second and third gears but it is still hard to use full throttle until well into the run, traction control or not.


A new record!  At the 2016 Texas mile, M2K Motorsports broke their own 273 mph record for the Texas mile hitting an amazing 279.9 mph! The run through the mile takes about 22 seconds and the car is not into its full power until the last 10 to 12 seconds of the run.  

Based on the cars' onboard data, it runs 9.60 at 160 mph in the quarter mile as it accelerates up to speed!  The car is not even at full throttle at this point. This shows how well the MoTeC traction control and its tuning is working. 


This view captures the M2K Motorsports Ford GT's beauty.

The M2K Motorsports Ford GT is one of the most amazing cars we have yet to feature.  It is also the most powerful car we have taken a close look at by a long shot. It will be interesting to see how the team can progress and how far they can take the mile record in the future.

It seems that the limit might soon be reached, not due to a lack of power but by the laws of physics and the ability to get all of that power to the ground. Can you imagine handling wheelspin at over 250 mph? We would rather not!

We would like to thank Kevin Kesterson of M2K Motorsports for letting us poke around the car with our cameras and taking the time out of his busy schedule so we could pester him with questions about the car and what makes it tick.

Keep an eye out for this car in the future, it is only going to go faster and faster as the team refines it and their approach for maximum speed!



M2K Motorsports

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