M2K Motorsports 280 mph Ford GT


Stock front caliper, stock pads, Brembo upgrade of the factory rotor, all the M2K Ford GT needs to stop safely from 280 mph!

We caught up with the M2K Motorsports team at the annual Texas Mile.  Run every year since 2003, the Texas Mile has grown to be one of the most well known top speed events in the country. The Texas Mile is a one mile race from a standing start held on an airport runway.  You get one mile to accelerate and a half mile to slow down.

Pilot Patrick O'Gorman gets ready to pedal the M2K Motorsports Ford GT to a record 279.9 mph at the 2016 Texas mile.


The M2K Motorsports Ford GT keeps most of its stock interior with modifications mostly related to driver safety.  The interior has a very complete roll cage built in house by M2K. The passenger seat is replaced with a huge tank that holds water and ice for the water to air intercooler.  The ice water is pumped to the core in the plenum of the engine's Wilson intake manifold. 

A big 35 gallon per minute electric pump circulates the water to the Precision Turbo water to air intercooler core in the Wilson intake manifold via huge dash 16 lines. The intercooler is not going to lack for a cold water supply!


The cage is pushed to the very perimeter of the driver's compartment.  A strong cage is a must because a Top Speed car is entering a very dangerous zone where anything could happen as the limits of production car bits are pushed to the extreme.  

A tire or parts failure or an aerodynamics mishap caused by a gust of wind can make things go bad in a hurry when you are approaching 300 mph.  The speeds being hit go well beyond any speed rating of any sort of DOT tire. It all pays to be safe.


Like a good LSR car, the M2K Motorsports Ford GT has a very sturdy seat.  High speed crashes often involve roll overs with multiple high rpm rolls happening for a long distance. The driver can flail around inside the car and suffer severe injuries.

To help reduce the risk of this sort of crash, a Butler Built containment seat with a Stilo 6 point harness is used. A containment seat is sort of a helmet for the driver's whole body and it is designed to protect and hold the driver in place, even in severe accidents.


The interior of the M2K Motorsports Ford GT is amazingly stock under the safety gear!

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