M2K Motorsports 280 mph Ford GT


These are the two release levers for the twin fire systems the car has, one 10 lb halon Safecraft fire bottle for the drivers' compartment and one for the engine bay.
A MoTeC C125 color dash display is used for data logging and for monitoring the engine functions in real time. 
A small Halon Safecraft hand held fire extinguisher is mounted easily within the driver's reach to put out small fires.  Discharging the main fire systems can be super expensive so having a handheld system can be a less expensive option if the fire is a small one. 
The factory McIntosh sound system is still functional.
This overhead lever releases the parachute.
With the exception of the carbon fiber dash panel, most of the stock dash remains.  Everything, including all the dash switches still works.  The car can be driven on the street if someone was crazy enough to want to.

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