Matt Powers and the AEM Infinity 58X LS Plug and Play System


Matt's S14 already had a Chevrolet Performance LS3 crate motor installed with the OEM ECU and electronics.  The LS3 was installed using Hooker's 240SX Specific Headers and Mount Kit with stainless headers. Working at 5523 Motorsports, Matt and his crew chief Big Tom first laid out the AEM harness to get a rough idea of how to position everything.
Big Tom and 5523's resident guru Zombie Vampire Nick Hunter get down to business putting the AEM wire harness in place and hooking it all up to the LS3's sensors.
The main connector for the Infinity ECU is an OEM Molex flange mount connector. It is a positive locking design with a weather resistant silicone rubber gasket. This is a great connector and this series of connector has seen extensive use in OEM and Motorsports applications. This is quite a bit better than spade and bullet connectors with crimped terminations.
The AEM Infinity ECU and wire harness is fully drive by wire compatible. This is super important if you are swapping in a newer LS like an LS3 which are all drive by wire. The AEM harness plugs right into the GM pedal assembly without any messing around.
The injector branches of the harness are all terminated and wrapped in chafe resistant sleeving. All of the harness plugs are labeled which is a great touch, making things a lot easier for installation and trouble shooting if it ever becomes necessary. 
The harness connectors plug right in to the injectors, as they are OEM quality Bosch EV style injector connectors.

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