Matt Powers and the AEM Infinity 58X LS Plug and Play System


Matt's car was strapped to the MotoIQ Megadyno and with the help of AEM's Beau Brown, the tuning began.
Even mildly modified, the LS3 with a single exhaust sounds great. Isn't the hipsterish cool weathered tin dyno room of our new mega HQ cool?!
The AEM Infinity uses VE based flow calculations to derive the correct amount of fuel per air flow.  With a super high resolution map, the fuel tuning goes pretty quickly.  The car can be started with AEM's base map with a very general VE value like 70% across the map. The cranking enrichment values and the warmup curves provided in AEM's base map should be pretty close to allow for easy starting. Then the wideband feedback and looking at the autotune correction can be used to dial in the VE table to reach the target AFR. Basically you want to set the VE table for a lambda correction of about 0.02.  If the autotune has sensor issues it will fail slightly rich with this correction.  Beau makes tuning happen pretty fast. 
Beau is tweaking the target AFR table to fine tune the LS3.  The ignition tuning is pretty straightforward. LS motors have really efficient combustion chambers and prefer suprisingly little overall advance even considering their big bore size. 
Matt's motor made around 410 whp on our dyno.  Our Superlfow dyno reads notoriously low but this is about 60 more hp than what a bone stock LS3 reads on our dyno.  It's the comparison that counts!  The most important thing to note here is how quick and easy it was to install and tune the AEM Infinity.

We are quite infatuated with AEM's plug and play solution for the LS engine. The wiring harness makes the most difficult to do well part of any swap a literal snap.  In Motorsports wiring and plumbing failures account for nearly all of DNF's so the AEM harness is relatively inexpensive insurance that you will spend more time on the track rather than in the pits.  We can't wait to try this combo on other projects we have in mind in the near future!


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