Matt Powers and the AEM Infinity 58X LS Plug and Play System


The direct fire coil connections are all there as well. Having everything clearly labeled is great!
The throttle body side of the drive by wire throttle system is an easy plug in.  With a drive by wire throttle, integration of the AEM Infinity's native traction control system and 3 step launch control  is easy if so desired. 
The coolant temperature sensor plugs right in.  This is pretty easy so far.
The intake air temp sensor was previously installed into a grommet in the intake air pipe.  The AEM harness plugged right in.  The AEM Infinity eliminates the need for a restrictive MAF in the intake tract.
The factory MAP sensor was plugged in.  You can see the anti chafing harness cover over the injector and coil branches of the harness.
The AEM Infinity ECU fully supports the factory idle speed control and is direct plug in ready.  If desired flex fuel is an easy to install option with plug and play sensors.

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