Matt Powers and the AEM Infinity 58X LS Plug and Play System


Matt added some auxiliary sensors for oil pressure and fuel pressure as well.
A drift car, particularly a drift demo car, is a brutal environment for any component. The AEM plug and play harness comes with thermal sleeves to protect the harness from excessive heat soak. The thermal protection is strategically placed where the harness may come close to hot surfaces. 
The harness is almost as clean as a custom one.  Some parts have a little excessive length because AEM doesn't have total control over the end user and where they might locate everything.  For most of us, you are way better off getting this harness than trying to DIY it!  The FAST intake manifold flows better and has a 102mm throttle body.  The Comp Cam has 231 and 239 degrees of duration @ 0.050″ lift with 0.617″ and 0.624″ lift on the intake and exhaust respectively. The cam has an EFI friendly lobe separation angle of 113 degrees.  Comp Cams also supplied the springs, retainers, pushrods and rocker trunnions. 
5523 Motorsports built this ECU bracket for the AEM Infinity to bolt to the roll cage crossbar under the dash.
The controller for the second wideband O2 sensor is ziptied to the the cage next to the ECU. The Infinity 8H already comes with one onboard wideband controller along with a connector for a sensor, but Matt added a second one through an additional input so he could monitor and do feedback control on both cylinder banks. You can see that the harness is a little on the long side, but this gives the user a lot of flexibility in where the ECU can be mounted.  The excess harness is neatly rolled up out of the way.
The ECU is accessible for tuning but very out of the way.  Yes a grommet was used for the harness pass through once the installation was complete.

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