McLeod Mag Force SE Clutch, Streetable Yet High Torque Capacity, BMW SMG Compatible!

The MagForce SE is laid out here.  You can see the flywheel, the two copper ceramic disc, the strap-driven floater plate, and the pressure plate with the strap-driven pressure ring. In this application, the clutch can hold 700 hp and take the abuse of drifting.

Although the discs are solid hub and use pucks for a friction surface, the material McLeod uses is surprisingly smooth in engagement for a puck clutch.

We think the disc material is copper with a lot of ceramic in it, you can kinda tell by how it looks.  It looks like there are possibly carbon particles in the material as well.  This would also help smooth out things. This type of material is smoother in engagement due to the ceramic content over materials that are more metallic in content.

Here is the floater that couples both discs.  You can see the drive straps here.  Typically for a twin-disc clutch, the floater is allowed to freely move around where it can chatter and vibrate making the characteristic twin-disc clutch rining noise.  The straps hold the floater in place and keep it from making noise.

The first disc sits on top of the flywheel, then the floater is put on top of it,  The drive straps are bolted to the flywheel.

Here is how it looks from the top.  The second disc is placed on top here.  Note how the floater drive straps are straighter. Next, the second disc goes on top of this followed by the pressure plate.


  1. Great article Mike. What do you think of this clutch compared to the X-Clutch twin-disk you spotlighted for the Project STI update a few months back?

    Both seem to offer some pretty clever solutions to eliminate noise and offer a smooth street driving experience.

  2. clutch noob question. Can someone explain the straps to me? whats the point of having a strap vs ditching the straps and connecting directly with a bolt or through shaft?

      1. I mean I know that part, but I wanna know how and why, what about the straps makes it smoother vs no straps. I mean its still a direct connection them being metal straps… or are they like spring steel so they have give vs a bolted connection?

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