Project DBA R35 GT-R, Building the VR38DETT Engine for Mad Power with MAD Sweden!

So after maxing out the VR38DETT engine with simple bolt-ons and having to limit the torque to spare the stock rods and connecting rods, we are going to embark on getting into the internals of our engine.  Our goal is to see how much power we can get out of the engine without sacrificing low-end power or causing additional turbo lag.   Our goal is to try to get over 1100 whp with no low-end sacrifice and to do it with a fairly low boost to keep thermal strain off the engine.  Overall we want a powerband like our Project Evo IX which pulls from 3000-8000 rpm, a super-wide powerband.  We are not trying to build a super-powerful VR38DETT drag motor but one with maximum driveability.

We have a lot of cool parts and processes that we are going to employ to meet our goals. The first group of parts are these beautiful parts from MAD Sweden.  Mad Sweden is a European tuner and they are behind some of the most powerful GT-Rs on the continent.

The intake manifold is the centerpiece of our motor build, the part that gets all the looks. The MAD Sweden manifold starts with a base with larger diameter runners.  We are increasing our displacement to 4.1 liters from 3.8 and basically doubling the about of mass flow through the runners so this should help flow and power production. If we can get our VE up, we should be able to run less boost. The manifold is machined from 6082 aluminum alloy. 6082 is the strongest 6000 series aluminum and is very corrosion resistant.

The CNC finish is scalloped for a unique look and the runner interior is very smooth. The manifolds can use an o-ring seal instead of a gasket for a very positive seal.

The tops of the runners give a shorter overall length than stock which will move the powerband upwards somewhat. The runners are tapered to give good flow but keep the velocity in the runner up and have radiused bell-mouthed ends so as to act like velocity stacks.  The manifold can use 12 injectors in case you were planning for huge power levels or ethanol but will only be using 6 as our power goals are not as ambitious.  The centerpiece of the manifold is the plug for the additional injector bosses.

Here is the top injector blocking plate. It is almost overbuilt for the job it does but it sure looks cool!


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