More Power With Dundon Motorsports – Porsche GT3RS


World Motorsporrts Dyno fan is this 1000 hp monster needed to produce the over 100 mph winds. We understand that the fan cost more than the dyno and the building had to be rewired to accommodate it’s power demands!

We were warned to be careful in the dyno cell because the fan can easily blow a person into the back wall or into the dyno rollers. There are lower pressure fans in the wall as well to aid with air exchange in the cell as well.

With nice cool air, our GT3 belted out an impressive 474 whp and 328 lb/ft of torque.

For reasons we could not figure out, our fuel cut came in at 8300 rpm instead of 8800, perhaps even with our precautions of locking in roll mode and using an AWD dyno the car was still pissed off.  The power was still climbing at the fuel cut.

Now it was time to install the Dundon Motorsports goodies in the palatial MotoIQ Megashop.

First Howard removes the rear bumper and taillights.  This is really quite easy, just a few fasteners in the wheel well and in the corner of the lights and they come right out.

With the bumper off you can access the entire exhaust system easily. Although it seems intimidating to work on an expensive car, the 911 is really straightforward and installing the headers is actually pretty easy.

If you wondered why service on your late model 911 costs so much, its because you have to take off the bumper and taillights to change the air filter! The redeeming thing this is that the bumper and taillights are engineered to be easy to remove.

Next, we removed the heat shield that protects the bumper cover from exhaust heat. We also removed the bumper beam. This was just a few bolts and took only minutes.

Next Howard removed the rear diffuser.


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