More Power With Dundon Motorsports – Porsche GT3RS


Howard loosened the bolts holding the exhaust manifolds in.  This was really easy and the bolts were all easy to get to.

Next Howard removed the V-Band clamp holding the manifold/cat assembly to the side muffler/diverter valve.

Interestingly the GT3 can pass emissions with tubular header-like like exhaust manifolds and one little cat instead of a close coupled pre and main cats like most cars nowadays.

Howard removes the vacuum line to the exhaust diverter valve. This valve diverts the exhaust away from the restrictive but very quiet side mufflers, straight into the main mufflers when the Sports exhaust mode is selected on the driver’s compartment switch.

In the loud mode, the car is amazingly loud and sounds like a Cup car.  We don’t think the car is technically street legal when the switch is flipped!

Howard loosens the bolts holding the diverter valve to the main muffler.

Now the diverter valves and side mufflers can be removed.

The bolts for the main muffler hanger are removed next.


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