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Next, it was back to World Motorsports to dyno our car.  Unfortunately, our weather was not cooperating and we could not get the intake air temperature below 78 degrees even when testing in the early morning before it got hot.

The higher intake temp meant that our new power runs were on possibly two power levels lower maps than our baseline run. It was hard to reserve a day where we would have low temperatures, after canceling several times due to a heat wave, we got in on a cooler day but it still was not cool enough,

Even when stuck in a lower power map than our baseline, the Dundon Motorsports headers and exhaust system gave 16 more peak whp and an average gain of 16 hp across the board.  Torque was improved by 7 lb/ft peak and 16 lb/ft average across the board, a healthy amount.

If we were able to control the temperatures better and were able to run the car back to back in the highest power map or if we had baselined the car on a hotter day, based on other peoples testing we might have seen as much as 30 whp gain.

The way it is, our test is a worst case scenario and represents gains that anyone could get at any time.

When running on the street in roll mode, our car was acting pissed off, the shifting of the PDK transmission seemed off and the traction control was not working right. The car was driving all herky-jerky and it was hard to tell if we were making more power seat of the pants. So it was back to BBi Autosport to have our car set back to normal and have all the faults cleared.

Here is our exhaust in place. It looks pretty aggressive but it doesn’t really stick out.  If you wanted te sleeper look you might want to consider the PVD coated version. Another cool factor is that the Dundon Motorsports system removes15.3 lbs from the very back of the car.

Once our car was set back to normal by BBi all we can say is WOW!  The car feels a lot faster, especially on cool days.  There is a lot more wheelspin when the throttle is used aggressively even with the cars advanced traction control. One thing we like about the GT3RS is that the car is so efficient, it is a lot faster than its power would suggest.  The car feels even faster now.

What is even more amazing is the sound. When driving normally, even with Sport Mode on, the car is drone free, even on the freeway and hardly louder than stock.  With Sport Mode off, the car is hard to tell from stock even when cruising at light throttle.  There is no drone at all.

All of this changes in Sport Mode at full throttle, wow, this thing sounds exactly like an RSR GT3 car that you see in IMSA! With the super fast shifting PDK transmission, the sound and speed sensations are quite aurally orgasmic. Do we dare say that this is perhaps the best sounding street car we have ever heard?

With a perfect fit, great build quality, great sound and solid power gains, we can easily recommend Dundon Motorsports systems for any Porsche owner.  Their systems are superior to most of the expensive boutiquey parts that make up a lot of the Porsche aftermarket. We will take real race over some bourgy disco part any day!



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