More Power With Dundon Motorsports – Porsche GT3RS


The bolt was left with just a few threads engaged until the muffler was ready to remove all the way.

The hanger bolts clamping the muffler were now loosened since they will be reused with the Dundon parts and it’s easier to loosen them on the car.
Now the main muffler can be removed.  It is made out of thin stamped titanium so it is amazingly light.  That is also the reason why they crack so easily!

Here are the side mufflers, the diverter valves and the stock exhaust manifolds and cats. The stock parts are designed pretty well and its no wonder that the car can make good power!

When looking at the stock exhaust manifold compared to the Dundon header, you can see that the header has larger in diameter, longer runners, and a smoothly merged collector.


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