MPTCC Round 2: Willow Springs International Raceway


rockstar garage honda s2000, justin taylor
The “race-wife” award of the 2013 season hands down goes to Justin Taylor's better half!  Why?  The man's wife was 9 months pregnant, ready to give birth at any minute, and she still let him come out and play with the MPTCC.  Justin had his trailer and pit half way packed at all times and even pulled right up to his trailer ramps after every session in order to be ready to leave in case he got “the call”.  


M-Factory Acura Integra, edik stepanyan
BREAKING NEWS!  Edik is still fast…


If any of you have been out to Willow Springs you know it's in the middle of the desert, so you know of the extreme weather that can be had.  This past weekend did not disappoint.  Though it was not the blistering hot or ice cold you'd expect, high winds were prevalent.  It could have been worse, because earlier in the week the weather forecast called for a 40% chance of rain and it seemed that was not going to materialize.  To give you an idea of how bad the problem was, by the time the drivers were getting ready to go to pre-grid for qualifying, most of the teams had already taken down their canopies due to the wind. 



Wind or no wind, Edik Stepanyan still managed to set a faster lap time than the rest of the field in the M-Factory Acura Integra.  His time of 1:33.341 was also the fastest time in the entire race group.  Here are the qualifying times and grid positions for the Tuner Under field:


PositionDriverVehicleLap Time
1stEdik StepanyanAcura Integra1:33.341
2ndMichele AbbateScion tC1:34.085
3rdSteve RockwoodInfiniti G201:36.967
4thJustin TaylorHonda S20001:41.820


With less than a second separating Michele and Edo, this was shaping up to be a good race.  Now it was just a matter of making sure the tC's tires lasted the entire race.


Improving from his lap times during practice, Steve Rockwood would need to find a few more seconds around the track in order to beat Michele and take a solid hold of third place in the season championship standings.


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