MPTCC Round 2: Willow Springs International Raceway


Your Race #3 podium of the 2013 MPTCC season!


PositionDriverVehicleFast Lap
1stEdik StepanyanAcura Integra1:32.873
2ndSteve RockwoodInfiniti G201:35.326
3rdJustin TaylorHonda S20001:35.257
4thMichele AbbateScion tC1:35.272



Once the race was over and all the cars went back to their pits it was time to assess the race.  For Edo and the M-Factory Acura Integra it was really just a matter of making sure everything was ready to go for Sunday.  It's not like they needed to go any faster or were having any issues.  Well….except for Edo forgetting to put his gas cap back on and losing 3 gallons of fuel, which could have been very costly!

Steve and I were quite content with the performance of the G20 and thankfully all we needed to concern ourselves with was the proper rotation of the tires and re-setting of tire pressures.  No adjustments needed to be made to aero or suspension settings.  A good race indeed for 70/30 Racing.

News in the pits was that Justin was still not a Daddy.  But that didn't stop him from loading up the S2000 on the trailer and preparing himself to be ready to hit the road at a moment's notice throughout the night.

Michele and the tC were definitely the team that had the biggest hurdle to overcome.  In just one day they completely ate through the front tires.  Down to the cords!  If Michele was to be competitive and have any chance of reaching the podium on Sunday, the team would need to make some changes – fast!


Sunday morning was full of good and bad news.  On the good side of things Justin was still with us and everyone else was also ready for morning practice.  On the bad side, it was about 25* cooler and on track temps were about 50* cooler.  Which meant Saturday's tire pressures could be thrown out the window and we would all need to pay close attention to the data collected in the morning session. 


Sunday would also bring with it a special surprise!  Road Race Engineering brought out their dyna-pack set up to Willow Springs to make sure everyone in the MPTCC field was staying true to their claimed weight to power ratios.  We decided to dyno everyone right after their qualifying session, but we gave Justin a little slack and let him dyno before qualifying since he needed to know where he was at power wise.  Hey, when you have a kid on the way special requests will be considered at the MPTCC 😉



The dyno always seems to bring all the teams together…haha!  Here you see Eddie, Eugene and Anthony from Michele's team discussing the cars' outputs with Edik's father.  Another reason to join the MPTCC is the open discussion between the teams and MPTCC officials.  Though sometimes things may get heated, everyone involved knows the series' goal is to provide intense but fair competition.  Be sure to check out the MPTCC forums for the latest rules updates and discussions.


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