MPTCC Round 2: Willow Springs International Raceway


Mike Welch, Road Race Engineering, Dyno, MPTCC
No doubt the most anticipated results were Edo's.  Especially since he had just clocked a 1:29.896 in qualifying.  After weighing the car on the NASA scales and Mike Welch of RRE taking the car through its paces on the dyno, it turned out that Edo was almost 100lbs overweight!


Everyone's weights and power numbers checked out on the Road Race Engineering dyno, but what about the G20's numbers?  Well…things were simply going too good.  After a near flawless Saturday, Sunday was a different story.  The MotoIQ Project G20 Racecar made it through the morning practice session without a hitch, but as soon as it hit the track during qualifying things took a turn for the worse.  Steve reported that the car was down on power and was barely able to make it back to the hot pits.  The car would not restart and would have to miss its dyno session.


We spent the better part of our morning trying to figure out just WTF was wrong with the car.  Usually this would be a smooth and calm process, but the cold weather and 30mph winds made it anything but.  After going down the list of fuel and spark components, we traced the problem back to the dang igniter chip.  The ONLY part of the ignition system we did not have a spare of.  We had extra distributors, coils, wires, plugs, everything but what we needed!  Much to our dismay there was not a single SE-R or SR20 powered vehicle on track that day and we would be forced to shut her down for the weekend.  A shame indeed, since Steve had just taken control of third place in the season standings and had a shot to close the gap with Justin for second place to a mere 2 points.  Oh well, that's racing.


Time flew by while we were trying to get the G20 back on track and before we knew it, it was race time again!  Once again the MPTCC field would lead NASA's race group C.


Just as in race 3 Justin was able to get the jump on Edo when the green flag dropped.  Only this time Justin would keep the pedal to the metal and beat Edo to the entrance of turn 1.


Though the Rockstar Garage S2000 was able to hold off the M-Factory Acura Integra for a couple laps, it was only a matter of time before Edo would get the better of him and reclaim the lead. 


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