MPTCC Round 2: Willow Springs International Raceway


Once Edo got by Justin it was pretty much over.  The M Factory Acura Integra would go on to drive an unchallenged race.  By the 4th lap Edo had already carved out a lead that stretched the length of the front straightaway!  Leaving Michele and Justin to battle it out for second place points.  


Remember the street tire testing the Scion Racing team did on Saturday?  Well, they made the call to run this race on street tires!  The team's strategy was that since their times did not drop of by much between the street and race tires, they would stand a better chance to have tires left to battle with at the end of the race if they stuck with the street tires.  This unfortunately made it very difficult for Michele to stay in the fight in the beginning of the race and she had no choice but to watch Edo and Justin run away from her.


With the G20 out of the race, Michele's car limping around on street tires, and Edo running 1:29's it did not seem that we would be seeing much action in race #4 of the 2013 MPTTC season.  Steve and I decided to drive up to the balcony to watch the race.


With no one to battle with in the Tuner Under field, Michele was pretty much running her own race against a pack of Miatas.  Then just as we started relaxing to the soothing sounds of race cars, we see a wheel bounce over the track's fence in the distance and a big dust cloud!  Steve and I immediately started making our way towards the other side of the downhill of the Omega to see what exactly was going on.


Once we hit the access road we see the dust settle and this!  Thankfully Michele was perfectly OK and walked away with no injuries.  Phew!


This picture will give you a clear idea of just how far the wheel traveled after it came off the Scion Racing tC.  It made it over the track's fence, past the access road, and almost to the fence that borders the Streets of Willow!  The circle on the left is Michele's car and the circle on the right is where we found the wheel!


Meanwhile on track, the race continued with a local yellow around the Omega for the remainder of the race.  


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