“My Girlfriend’s” Miata: Part 4 – Brake Upgrade with Good-Win-Racing and DBA USA


In closer detail, the calipers also have stainless steel bridge plates that protect the aluminum of the caliper body from being gouged by the pads. This allows for longer service life and also helps reduce potential noise and rattle when the brakes are applied. Stainless steel is used for the pistons within the caliper. Stainless is a great at increasing the amount of time it takes for heat to reach the brake fluid, while also reducing potential corrosion.
Good-Win-Racing supplies T6 aluminum brackets to make installing the new front calipers and moving the rear calipers out a breeze. Both the front bracket (the right one in this photo) and rear brackets feature threaded inserts to keep bolts from damaging the aluminum when being torqued down.

Up front, the OEM sliding calipers are replaced with forged Wilwood Dynalite 4-Piston fixed calipers. Replacing the sliding calipers with fixed ones result in a marked improvement in brake feel. The forged aluminum body also helps save a big chunk of weight over the original iron calipers that were modeled after Civil War era boat anchors. These calipers are attached to the front knuckles via T6 aluminum brackets designed by Good-Win-Racing. In the rear, the OEM calipers are retained, but spaced out by additional T6 brackets to accommodate the larger rotors.


The front brake pads included with the kit are Wilwood's Smart Pads in a BP-20 compound. These are high performance street pads that work great on the track in this particular application.
They are matched with Porterfield R4-S high performance, street pads for the rear calipers.

The front brakes use Wilwood BP-20 Smart Pads, a medium friction, medium temperature pad designed to work over a wide temperature range on street performance vehicles. For the rear brakes, Porterfield R4-S pads are used. Designed with similar goals in mind, they are low dust, low noise, high performance street pads designed to handle moderate temperatures one might see from a fast street vehicle.


Good-Win-Racing is nothing if not thorough. The brake kit also includes new Wilwood Hi-Temp 570 racing brake fluid to replace your existing fluid.
DOT approved stainless steel lines are also included with the install. The fronts, picture here, also include adapters to allow them to work with the new Wilwood calipers. Word of advice, make sure the lines are tightened to the adapter fittings. I may know someone that didn't check that before bleeding the brakes and had to deal with a little brake fluid coming from an area he didn't expect. He will remain nameless to minimize embarrassment.

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