Nerd’s Eye View: Ducati 1199 Superleggera


From this view, you can see how the spokes of the wheel are shaped like I-beams. You can also see the 2-piece brake rotor setup and the toothed wheel for measuring front wheel speed. The brake rotor hat is really quite minimal.
The bottom of the fork legs have these fully machined from billet pieces to minimize weight. Not cheap. The Brembo brake caliper appears to have minimal material for a cast piece.
I thought the brake line routing was interesting… One line goes from the master cylinder to the right side caliper. Then a line goes from the right side caliper to the left side caliper. On my CBR 600RR, the brake line from the master cylinder splits into a Y with the two lines going to each caliper.
Here you can see the line coming from the right side caliper to feed its left side counterpart.
I believe this black box is the ABS module as those are the brake lines attached to the top. Pretty much all sport bikes can be bought with ABS now. ABS is also one reason for the toothed wheel on the front wheel to measure wheel speed.
I heard someone mention the fork tubes have this multi-tapered design to tweak the stiffness of the design. Sport bikes need some tuned flex in order to handle properly as too stiff of a chassis can cause the bike to skitter over bumpy corners reducing grip and therefore speed.

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