Nerd’s Eye View: Ducati 1199 Superleggera


There seems to be no point in having bodywork cover the exhaust pipe coming off the front cylinder as the heat coming off the pipe would probably just melt the bodywork.
The Superleggera engine uses Pankl titanium connecting rods. It seems everything on this bike is titanium, carbon fiber, or magnesium. The bike comes with the price tag to match too.
A lightweight lithium ion battery is used in place of more standard battery materials. I’ve eaten baked potatoes that weigh more than this thing.
As the Superleggera is designed to go really stinkin’ fast on a race track, it comes with a race exhaust kit to further reduce weight and increase power.
Part of the power increase comes from this cat delete exhaust section. Remember those clamps we saw on the exhaust earlier? Those clamps should make for quicker swaps between the street exhaust and race exhaust.
Yeah, this is just a gratuitous shot of the race exhaust muffler showing off some carbon fiber and titanium.


If you wanted to buy a street legal motorcycle built to World Super Bike type of specifications, this is probably about as close as you’ll get. Though, it may be too late as the Superleggera is only a limited production run of 500 units. So while it may be too late to buy one, you may be able to catch one out at a track day. I have spotted a few Desmosedicis being ridden out in the canyons and ridden hard. I know a few owners of the new Superleggera have tested the bike hard on the track. At least a portion of Ducati owners know what to do with their high-priced equipment and that is to ride them hard at the track.

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