Nerd’s Eye View: Ducati 1199 Superleggera


This is the front Brembo brake lever and master cylinder assembly. The rubber vibration absorbing mounts between the fluid reservoir and the metal mounting bracket are an important feature. Vibrations have a way of causing rigidly mounted things to crack like the plastic mounting tabs on the fluid reservoir.
The cable with the adjustment knob going from the left to the right is an interesting feature. It appears to be an adjuster for the front brake lever (right side) travel. The adjustments for the front suspension are located at the tops of the forks. Compression is adjusted on the left side and rebound on the right; this is interesting to me as it implies the left side of the fork only handles compression damping and the right side purely handles rebound. Preload adjustment is on both sides. Above the triple clamp and below the fluid reservoirs is an Ohlins steering damper.
This knurled knob should be for adjusting the steering damper.
Here is another interesting feature… I think this sensor under the ignition switch is to measure steering angle. Perhaps it ties into the traction control system.
An Ohlins TTX Titanium rear damper is mounted on the side with easy access to the compression and rebound adjustment knobs.
The ‘Titanium’ in the name comes from the spring material being titanium to reduce weight. Of course, the spring guard itsef is carbon fiber.

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