Nerd’s Eye View: Ducati Panigale 959


Paint marks are visible here on the brake rotor. One cost saving measure is visible here on the fork tubes; it appears no fancy low-friction coating is used whereas the 1199 did visibly appear to have coated sliders.
Hollow front axles are common and help reduce weight. The Showa fork saves a little money compared to Ohlins. The adjuster seen there with the red ring should be for preload.
I just thought the wheel weights looked cool.
The rear heel guard has some more weight shaving carved out of it. There are two lines going into the rear brake master cylinder. The second one is probably for all the DTC and ABS stuff.
Rear brake lever effort is created by this spring. The locking nut has a paint mark on it; losing the rear brake is an inconvenience as my friend can attest.
A couple of the hydraulic lines are neatly secured with this plastic mounting bracket attached to the front by the front fork.

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