Nerd’s Eye View: Ducati Panigale 959


It seems like every vehicle has LED daytime running lights now, so of course the 959 has them too. You can see the four yellowish LEDs. Just below the headlight is the ram air intake path.
The 959 comes with the same split cooler setup as its relatives. While the 959 does get Brembo brakes, they appear to be a lower spec than was on the 1199. Something I haven’t seen before though is it appears the bleed nipple has been moved off the caliper and placed on top of the two banjo bolts. Some costs were saved also on the fork sliders which appear to lack the black low-friction anodization of the 1199.
The air coming off the radiator dumps out the two sides of the bike. There are some heat sensitive parts in the flow path, so there’s this black plastic heat shield.
Hidden underneath the plastic heat shield appears to be the ABS module judging by the hydraulic lines and banjo fittings going into it. Down at the bottom is a rectangular ribbed looking thing which should be the oil and coolant heat exchanger.
My memory is a bit hazy, but the header primary appears to be smaller diameter on the 959. That’s not unexpected as the engine is smaller than the 1199. A metal heat shield is under the black plastic one to help keep the heat contained. Though my buddy riding the 959 said his legs were still getting roasted.

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