Nerd’s Eye View: Ducati Panigale 959


The rear suspension is the same basic geometry as the more expensive bigger displacement Panigale, but it lacks the ability to adjust the motion ratio which saves some costs.
When sitting on the bike with my legs on the ground, my leg did rub up against that plastic guard over the spring. Once my feet were up on the pegs though, there was no contact.
The rebound adjustment should be that big screw just in front of the spring. And yes, even motorcycles have bumpstops on their dampers.
This is the rear compression adjustment. In another cost saving measure, the 959 lacks the finger adjustable knob that was on the 1199 instead requiring a screw driver.
Nothing too crazy going on at the left peg. Just some weight reduction on the boot guard.
This load cell is becoming standard issue on sport bikes these days to enable quick shifter functionality. There are paint marks on fasteners all over this bike though it’s probably a good idea that the screw holding on the shift lever doesn’t fall off.

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