Nerd’s Eye View: Erik Buell Racing 1190RX


The brake ducts direct air straight to the caliper and brake pads.
As there is only one caliper, it is an 8-piston design. It appears two pads are used per side for a total of four pads.
The EBR wheels are also relatively unique. Typically sport bike wheels have the spokes originating at the center of the hub resulting in basically a single row of spokes. The wheels on this EBR have two rows of spokes with the spokes terminating at the ends of the hub instead of the middle.
A 2-piston brake caliper is used at the rear wheel. Pretty well all modern sport bikes have traction control now, so wheel speed sensors are common issue; the speed sensor is reading the toothed wheel just inside of the brake rotor.
The rear wheel also uses two rows of spokes.

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