Nerd’s Eye View: Erik Buell Racing 1190RX


The EBR 1190RX is very light which is to say it’s at a similar weight the Japanese and European sport bikes. To get the big liter bikes down to near middleweight mass, materials like magnesium are used.
Other tricks used to reduce mass are to take as much material out of any component possible such as machining out the triple clamp. The rebound and compression adjusters for the front Showa forks are located at the top for easy access. The steering damper looks like the shaft has a DLC or other similar low-friction coating to prevent stiction.
The fork tubes have a few small changes in diameter at the top and bottom which I assume was done to tune their stiffness.
The big 1190cc ET-V2 engine is hand built in East Troy, WI. The bleeder valve located on the cover should be for the hydraulic clutch. The cover itself appears to have been cast with the design emphasizing mass reduction; ribs are used to stiffen up the cover where the bolt holes are located and material is taken out all around the circumference.
Gone are the days of mechanical gauges with the big color screen becoming commonplace. Hey, this thing gets pretty good gas mileage especially considering it makes 185hp.
LED lights are also making their way onto motorcycles as they have cars. The lights require cooling, so you can see one heat sink located above the headlight behind the windscreen.

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