Nerd’s Eye View: Erik Buell Racing 1190RX


The big V-twin makes lots of torque and power, so sufficient cooling is provided by the twin radiators and the oil cooler at the bottom. Typically, a single large curved radiator is used, but it appears packaging space was at a premium with the exhaust pipe for the front cylinder competing for space with the heat exchangers. I imagine the engineers had to move/tilt the engine as far forward as possible to get the weight distribution and handling to meet their targets, as a result two smaller radiators are used in place of a large single.
Tucked under the front headlight is an intake air scoop for the engine.
The exhaust pipe coming off the front cylinder uses oval shaped tubing. I imagine partially to match up to the exhaust port shape of the head but also due to space constraints.
Each radiator has a ducted fan.
The hard lines and fittings going between the block and oil cooler look very nice. I’m guessing the cylindrical cap to the right is for an oil cartridge filter.

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