Nerd’s Eye View: Erik Buell Racing 1190RX


Most modern sport bikes are relatively quiet meeting this 80db noise limit regulation. It’s questionable if Ducatis or Harleys can meet this based on how freakin’ loud they often are.
Helping to keep the noise level down is the massive muffler that takes up the entire bottom of the motorcycle. A nice little tuning touch is the adjustable peg location on the shifter level.
Here is another shot of the bottom muffler just to see the size of the thing.
It looks as if each cylinder has its own exhaust path through the bottom muffler. V-band clamps should make the secondary muffler easy to take off. Hmm…. I wonder how much power that would gain…
Here you can see the rear damper set a bit offset from center with the remote reservoir mounted opposite of the damper.
The rear ride height looks to be adjustable by turning this stepped lower spring collar.
Damping is adjusted on the remote reservoir.

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