Nerd’s Eye View- Inside Evasive Motorsports Scion FR-S!


The stock brakes on the FR-S are perfectly adequate for the puny stock power levels and skinny tires the car comes with but once the ante is upped with bigger tires, more power and suspension tuned to match these things, they suddenly become woefully inadequate for track use.  We have seen warped and cracked rotors and even cracked calipers on track beaten FR-S'es.  Evasive knew they were gonna need some decent hardware so the stock brakes were replaced in the front with these 4 piston Project Mu calipers with two piece rotors and excellent Project Mu Club Racer pads.

The rear brakes use a 2 piston Project Mu caliper and a one piece slotted rotor.  Project Mu brake kits are competitively priced and are well engineered.  The brake caliper piston sizing is set to deliver proper brake bias and proportioning.  Evasive stocks these kits for many different cars!

The front struts are KW 3-way Motorpsorts units with an inverted shaft and friction reducing linear bearings.  The inverted shaft provides a lot of stiffness and the bearings reduce friction, whihc is ordinarily one of the biggest disadvantages of the inverted shaft.  If you've noticed that so many cars that actually see track use have KW's, it's because they flat work.

The KW Motorsports struts have camber adjustable pillow ball mounts with a swivel connector for the remote reservoir line.

The adjusters for the high and low speed compression damping are found on the remote cannister.  The rebound damping adjuster is found on the bottom of the strut shaft.  A cool thing about the Motorsports dampers is that they are designed to work at a low 140 psi pressure so they can be pressurized with air from a bicycle pump instead of a nitrogen tank.  The cannister size can be reduced as well.

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