Nerd’s Eye View- Inside Evasive Motorsports Scion FR-S!


An FIA approved Sparco Circuit seat was used.  The seat has full head protection which is becoming the standard for seating nowdays.  Sparco harnesses are also used.

A Sparco steering wheel is used on the stock steering column.  The entire shell of the factory dash is used as well as the stock glass in the front and rear windows.  This would make the car eligible for modified class or street class in time attack with just a tire change.

The side windows are lexan because all of the window regulator stuff has been removed to clear the cage door bars.  The windows have these cool slide vents in them.

The Evasive FR-S rocks Volk TE37 SL wheels with Maxxis RC-1 Victra tires.  These relatively new R-Compound DOT racing tires work pretty good.  They are compounded to be relatively long lasting and heat cycle resistant, great for grass roots usage.  Look for more on these tires on MotoIQ soon.

The most striking feature of the Evasive car is the JGTC/DTM inspired bodywork.  Constructed in house by Evasive, the bodywork not only shows off Evasive's prowess at all facets of car construction but their understanding of race car aerodynamics.  When we first saw the car on display at SEMA we knew this was no ordinary show car but the only one that was a real deal performance car!  The most important aero feature is the car's huge front splitter.  The splitter uses some Voltex elements adapted to fit the FR-S but it is quite effective as testing has proved.  Getting rid of high speed understeer is always challenging on a front engine rear drive car.  In testing due to the effectiveness of the splitter, there were no problems getting good high speed aero balance.  Only minor adjustments to the rear wing was required.

Splitters work best on a car with a flat front profile like a CRX or a Nissan S chassis. In a car with a pointed nose when looking from a top view, it is hard to get a splitter to work well because it is hard to build stagnation pressure when the airflow wants to go down the sides of the car.  The Evasive FR-S has more splitter area on the sloping sides of the nose to help counter this tendency.

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