Nerd’s Eye View- Inside Evasive Motorsports Scion FR-S!


The rear diffuser is huge, taking up the entire rear of the car.  We feel that vertical strakes could increase its effectiveness because it kicks up at an angle that may cause air to separate towards the end of its length and the strakes would help keep the flow attached.  You can see the the rear air jack at work here as well.

If this were our car, we would reduce the angle of diffusion about 5 degrees and add vertical strakes the entire length of the diffuser.  You can see that the strakes are in the root of the diffuser but don't extend to the end where they are probably needed the most.  What you can't see is the Cusco 1.5 way RS LSD and the Cusco large capacity rear diff cover which is a pity because it looks trick.  The exit air from the rear wheel wells is vented in a way much like the front wheels.

The single element Voltex wing uses a swan neck type mount.  Swan neck mounts are more efficient because they disturb the airflow under the wing less.  Most people don't know that the the underwing airflow is more important than the flow over the wing.

NACA ducts feed the the heat exchangers for the diff and transmission.

The vented carbon hood helps the splitter work more effectively.  In the future, internal ducting will manage the underhood airflow much better for greatly improved aero effectiveness and reduced drag, taking full advantage of the vented hood.

We helped Evasive develop their initial baseline chassis set up before the car left for Pikes Peak.  With some chassis tuning the car improved by 5 seconds a lap around Buttonwillow configuration 13 CW.

Right after this this test session, the Evasive FR-S was shipped to Pikes Peak to particpate in the famed Pikes Peak Hill Climb.  With Rob Walker at the wheel the FR-S managed to complete the course in 10.59, not bad for a low powered car!  In testing the car has turned 1.58's at Buttonwillow configuration 13 CW making it currently the fastest FR-S on the track's Superlap Battle configuration.

Rob reports that the car is extremely well balanced with the car's handling far exceeding the engine's power. 

Evasive's future plans are to improve the car's cooling as it was fighting overheating issues in the thin air of Pikes Peak, improve the aero package and cooling with better underhood air management and of course, there are plans for more power with a larger HKS supercharger and more internal mods.

We are super impressed with the car's first efforts in this mild state of tune and hope that we are allowed to help develop the car further.  Hats off to Evasive for being one of the first to take the FR-S chassis to a high level right out of the gate.  The Evasive Motorsports FR- probably holds the title as the World's fastest show car!

P.S. they are not a bad place to get parts from either!


Evasive Motorsports

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