Nerd’s Eye View- Inside Evasive Motorsports Scion FR-S!


Lets take a look inside the Evasive FR-S and check out driver Rob Walker's office.  The FR-S retains most of the car's original unibody.  Although it looks radical, it is a car that can reasonably be achieved by a dedicated grassroots racer.

Evasive Motorsports constructed the weld in cage to provide as much stiffness and driver safety to the chassis as possible. There is plenty of triangulation and gusseting.  The cage is attached to the unibody with gussets to the A and B pillars to tie the entire structure into the unibody.

The floor plates attach to the main frame rails and the front legs are as far forward as possible.  The side impact bars are strong X sections fortified with generous gusseting.

Perhaps the coolest thing about the car is fully integrated air jacks!  Note how the air jack is coupled to the cage structure.

A large fire extinguisher is self explanatory and this black bracket is to strap a laptop to for data logging.

Due to time constraints the stock dash and instruments were used

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