Nerd’s Eye View- Inside Evasive Motorsports Scion FR-S!


The rear shocks are also KW Motorpsorts 3-way dampers with a piggyback remote reservoir.   The rebound adjuster is up on top of the shaft, easily accessible from the inside of the car while the high and low speed compression damping adjusters are found on the cannister.

The front suspension is pretty straight forward.  The front swaybar is a non adjustable tubular lightweight Cusco part.

The rear swaybar is a 3-way adjustable Cusco part.  The Cusco bars work with the stock end links.

A Cusco lower arm is used in the rear.  The arm is adjustable for camber and supplements the adjustable upper rear arm which has only a few degrees of adjustment.   The Cusco lower arm is much stiffer than the flimsy stock part and has a spherical bearing on its chassis side.  A Cusco toe link with spherical bearings is also employed but was hard to shoot.  You can barely see it here.  Bushings not replaced by spherical bearings are Super Poly Pro urethane bits.  Cusco underbody braces are also used for stiffening the rear crossmember although they are not visible.

The front suspension uses MFR roll center correctors which are ball joints with an extended shank.  These raise the roll center and decrese body roll in a car that has been lowered a lot.  They also improve camber under roll.  Both of these help front grip.  The bump steer has been corrected with MFR tie rod ends that have shanks that are long by the same amount.  The front control arm bushing has been replaced with a stiffer Super Poly Pro urethane part.

The rear vertical lower control arm bushing has been replaced with this non compliant spherical bearing part by Perrin.  This gets rid of a big squishy rubber bushing and kicks the lower control arm outward providing greater caster angle.  This improves camber gain on turn in and also improves straight line stability.  The Perrin part also reduces anti dive which helps grip under trail braking and turn in. The suspension set up was done by yours truly.  Cool stuff that you cant see are a Cusco RZ 1.5 way limited slip differential, a Cusco high capacity diff cover and diff and transmission pumps and coolers.

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