Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show – Go-Fast Vehicles


Nothing too out-of-the-norm at the rear. Big diffuser. Wide tires. Massive mesh covering the rear of the powertrain compartment allowing hot air to escape. The exhaust is a massive single flanked by two smaller tubes. So, likely the turbocharger turbine discharge and twin wastegate dumps.


Honda/Acura brought out the NSX race car in all of its carbon fiber glory. Based on the AWD, hybrid, twin-turbo V6 street car, the race car had to ditch the hybrid part in order to compete in various race series. I think I’d put my money on the street car in 0-60.


The twin-turbo V6 still generates a lot of heat on its own requiring typical massive heat exchangers at the front of the car. The hood and duct are well-sealed to the heat exchanger to maximize effectiveness.


There’s some segmentation going on at the rear side scoops. It’s probably split between engine inlet air, intercooler air, rear brake cooling, and oil/trans cooling.


There are no vents in the rear engine cover, it just looks this way to more resemble the street car, me thinks.


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