Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show – Go-Fast Vehicles


The rear diffuser looks to consist of a massive sheet of carbon fiber with the vertical strakes as separate components fastened on. The rear openings are covered by mesh, as is typical, and a simple rear tow strap hangs out the rear.


This is the street car version of the NSX. People were very inquisitive about the rear of the car.


The trunk is good for…. Maybe defrosting a turkey assuming the turkey isn’t too fat to fit. Or, maybe if you want to dry some laundry. In all seriousness, I am very curious how hot it gets and it’s sitting behind the engine and above the exhaust and who knows what else.


The Acura LMP car looks like it basically has a high mounted front wing formed between the headlights. Looking down the side of the car, in the middle of the body work just above the floor, there looks to be an air intake for something. I’d guess rear brake cooling. It’s an interesting geometry for an air scoop.


Mitsubishi brought out this rally vehicle sporting some typical JDM stickers like Tein, Work, and Endless.


Those Work wheels look something serious, like they could drive in through a bomb cratered warzone. Endless brake calipers and two-piece rotors are mostly hidden behind the wheels.


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