Nerd’s Eye View: LA Auto Show – Go-Fast Vehicles


The cage triangulation continues on forward; check out all the gussets added over on the passenger side to strengthen the cage. This rally vehicle still uses the street car gauge cluster, center tunnel console, paddle shift levers and wheel stalks. Rally vehicles still do drive on the streets, so I guess they have to keep the turn signals.


The new Corvette ZR1 has a beast of an engine setup. The supercharger setup is so tall, there’s a massive bulge in the middle.


GM learned their lesson from the Z06 overheating and added a bunch of heat exchangers to the ZR1. Check out the little end-plate on the front splitter.


Air going into the front corner heat exchanger exits here into the front wheel well.


The fender vent is around 2-3x bigger than those on the BMWs.


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