Nerd’s Eye View: Mike Ryan’s Banks Super-Turbo Powered Pikes Peak Freightliner


The IC piping snakes its way from the engine’s mid-engine placement to the front of the truck where a fairly large IC is mounted. Take note again of the bars used to prevent the IC pipes from blowing off. Wait, maybe the IC looks kinda small for 2400hp you say?

A Banks Double-Shot Auto-Chiller system is used here. It’s a two-stage system with the flow being tied to the intercooler outlet temperature. The first three nozzles spray a mist onto the intercooler when the intercooler outlet temperature reaches 100F. The second set of two, making for a total of five nozzles, come into play when the temperature exceeds 150F. Again, evaporative cooling is the basic operating principle in play and used to externally cool the charge air flow. For anyone living in dry and hot climates, this is basically a swamp cooler for the intercooler.

The intercooler and radiator are stacked vertically side-by-side. Proper shrouding was used to force as much air through these heat exchangers as possible.

The front-end opening is massive.

The fully-pressurized air finally makes its way to the polished intake manifold. Here, a Banks Triple-Shot system using six 5 GPH injectors sprays water/meth into each individual intake runner of the manifold. The flow is provided by a staged two-pump system which is computer controlled for optimum delivery. Above the intake manifold are the custom fabricated brackets for the blower setup.

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