Nerd’s Eye View: Mike Ryan’s Banks Super-Turbo Powered Pikes Peak Freightliner


At the opposite end of the steering shaft is where the steering wheel would typically reside. However, it has a quick release on it to allow for easy ingress/egress. A Racepak dash feeds info to the driver.

A few gauges are mounted in the dash to keep tabs on the various Banks fluid injection systems.

Mastercraft 3G seats keep the occupants in place along with DJ Safety seat belts. No one likes fires in their race vehicles, so a DJ Safety fire system was installed just in case.

Foam padding is used all around the cage in the cab to prevent injury. All of the fancy cage, chassis, and frame work were performed by a volunteer force of fabricators and engineers.

On the outside of the cab is this roof scoop. Looking back at the previous picture of the cab interior, it does not appear to feed into the cab. So where does it lead to?

I think the roof scoop channels air to this dump behind the cab. What’s the purpose of it? Maybe it’s to get some more cooling air around the engine and turbocharger. It may also reduce drag by filling the void behind the cabin with some air thereby reducing the size of the wake. It might also improve the effectiveness of the rear wing. The rear edge of the roof on the cab appears to have vortex generators which are also used to reduce drag and possibly improve the effectiveness of the rear wing. You know those vortex generators on the back of the roof of the Evo IX? Yeah, same idea.

This truck has a supercharger. This truck has a turbocharger. It has lots of pumps and spray nozzles. It’s so big and goes so fast, it needs water cooling for the brakes. It’s so big it needed a wing from an airplane. It has ten times the horsepower of my S2000 and about twenty-five times the torque. This truck is so awesome that Optimus Prime keeps a poster of it on his bedroom wall. Chuck Norris doesn’t drive this truck, this truck tells Chuck Norris where to drive. Bruce Wayne wanted the truck to use as the Batmobile, but Mike Ryan said no. Good luck trying to catch this truck.


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