Nerd’s Eye View: Mike Ryan’s Banks Super-Turbo Powered Pikes Peak Freightliner


The supercharger requires a lot of power, so a really strong belt is used. There are a lot of teeth on that wheel working hard to help prevent belt slippage.

Here is another look at all the CNC’d goodness required to mount the supercharger.


Mounted low in the rear flanks of the truck are the fluid reservoirs for the water/meth and pure water. They are labeled and color-coded to ensure that the proper liquids are filled for each.

A Fuel Safe fuel cell contains the diesel liquid. The fuel cell is also labeled to prevent putting in the wrong fluids because who knows, someone might try to fill it with oil or something.

Transferring all that torque and power from the engine to the massive rear tires is a ZF (it’s a European company, so you have to call it Zed-F) HP 600 5-speed automatic transmission. I wonder if this is the same transmission used for semi-truck racing in Europe…

Holy rear-end Batman! That appears to be a Speedway Engineering rear anti-sway bar sitting atop the frame rails.

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