Nerd’s Eye View: Mike Ryan’s Banks Super-Turbo Powered Pikes Peak Freightliner


Right, now back to the front of the truck. The King Shocks front damper also uses a remote reservoir design and Eibach springs. The front Michelin XZU2 is ONLY 305/70R22.5 on a 9.25” wide Accuride wheel.

There is some awesomeness associated with the front suspension. There appears to be a solid -3 degrees of camber, if not more!

The front brakes use Meritor 4-piston calipers clamping 17” rotors. This truck weighs in around 5 tons however, so brake cooling front and rear is achieved using a Banks Straight-Shot system which sprays water into the center of the rotor. Remember those labeled fluid storage containers? I imagine it would be bad juju to spray meth at glowing hot brake rotors.

The steering system is not simple. Quite a few bends are required to transmit the driver’s inputs from the steering wheel to the rack.

A Howe Performance rack and pinion steering system is used to turn those massive front tires. This is a good view of how low the engine sits in the chassis to reduce the center of gravity as much as possible. Tucked behind everything somewhere in there is another Speedway Engineering anti-sway bar.

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