Nerd’s Eye View: Mike Ryan’s Banks Super-Turbo Powered Pikes Peak Freightliner


The Optima batteries are mounted low and as far rearward as they can be to put some weight over the rear tires. King Shocks provided a custom coil-over setup for the big truck and the remote reservoirs are mounted on the brace going across the rear of the frame rails.

Look at the size of the rear differential! It’s a Meritor RS 17145 unit. Look at the size of that U-joint on the driveshaft! In case you didn’t see what the license plate says in the previous picture, it says, “size matters”. As for the straps, I’m assuming they are used for the same purpose as on off-road racing trucks which is to limit droop travel. Thanks to our super smart readers for teaching me that one.

There is some adjustability designed into the solid rear axle suspension design.

The rear King Shocks damper uses a tender spring setup. 4-piston brakes are used on the rear with 15.1” diameter rotors.

About those rear tires… they are Michelin XDA-HT’s in 445/50 R22.5 with a road racing rubber compound. A whole lotta bolts are used to keep the 15”x22.5” Accuride wheels attached to the hubs.

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