Nerd’s Eye View: Rowe Racing Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3



The exhaust on the left side of the car is a mirror image of the right side.  I actually just wanted an excuse to show the trick moving dolly under the car.


So you have the car in pit row, all the tires are off, and you need to move the car into the garage.  What do you do?  You put the car on a set of moving dollies.


Each dolly has three caster wheels.  The dolly has a cutout to serve as a handle for easy portability.  In endurance racing, operations need to be performed as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


To aid in the quickness and efficiency of placing the dolly, it has a slot cut out to allow it to slide around the air jack post.  The dolly looks very simple; it looks to be just a piece of plywood with three caster wheels.  I suppose it does help to have a flat bottom on the car to place the dollies under.


With the car on the dollies, it’s easy to spin and move around.  A quick push into the garage allows for a brake pad swap.  Notice the tool the technician is using.


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