Nerd’s Eye View: Rowe Racing Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3


You can see how well the driver is encapsulated.  Another unique feature due to the gull-wing doors are the four ‘pyrotechnical elements’ in the hinges.  Yeah, basically four mini bombs are located in the hinges to blow them off in the case of an emergency with the car sitting on its roof.


One of the keys to success in racing is data.  Being able to download it quickly allows for quicker analysis.


On the A-pillar is this handy dandy Gill Instruments oil level gauge.  This big and easy-to-read gauge allows crew members to quickly see if there is an issue or not when the car comes into the pits.


The refueling jug has handles sort of like a steering wheel to allow the crew to easily place the jug into the receptacle.  Hung on the fuel pump against the wall is another jug.  Those air cylinders in the back right are on hand dolly things allowing the crew to quickly wheel them around.  They can be used to power the air guns and I’m guessing the air jacks too.


Yup, this is where the fuel goes in.   


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