Nerd’s Eye View: Rowe Racing Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3



Here is a closer look at the rear suspension.  On each corner of the car, there’s that little white electrical box which does something, I’m just not sure what; it does say, “LF Satellite Trigger” on it.  The bottom body work here is the beginning of the rear diffuser.


Here is the rear duct feeding the carbon fiber shroud that distributes cooling air to the caliper and rotor.


There’s the big piece of rubber meat that covers the rear brake.  The opening in the lower rocker panel where the ‘www’ starts is the air feed for the rear brake ducts.


The engine powering the car looks to be relatively stock.  It would not surprise me if it has some beefed up internals with low-friction coatings and whatnot, but the base engine does start out life close to 600hp as is.  The race engine is restricted to a lower power level of around 550hp.  It seems most of the attention has gone into managing all the airflow into the engine and for cooling.  The team members appear to be powered by sandwiches.


On a little bit of a diversion, check out the sweet tire warmer setup.  Each tire is labeled of course.


Airflow, and therefore power, is limited by the restrictors.  They appear to be modular; perhaps they have different sizes for different racing series.  Or maybe the engineers designed it this way to allow easy swaps of restrictors for balance of power adjustments used to level the playing field.



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