Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA Edition 2012, Part II


Does the rear axle look strong enough for you?  The brake hard lines are neatly routed on the back side of the axle.


More super buffness on the front-end of the truck.  There is nothing but spherical joints at the front spindle.  It looks like the hat of the brake rotor is drilled out to save weight.


Sheet metal is added to the upper arm for more strength.  The strap is an interesting feature; I guess it’s to keep the arm somewhat attached should a joint fail.


Yeah, SEMA is mostly known for some impressive show cars and tuner parts, but a lot of top level race engineered vehicles show up too.  And sometimes, that race technology makes it down to the mainstream.  If you’re trying to build something on a budget on your own, a professionally built race car is a good place to look for ideas.


Speaking of impressive engineering, check out these cranes.  On the backside of the middle crane is a ton of ton size looking weights to help counterbalance whatever the crane may be lifting.  Currently, it is lifting a massive support post.  Right before I took the picture, all of those little dudes where positioning the bottom of that pole.  There is still one guy hanging on.  Next year, the Vegas skyline is going to look a bit different as this thing reaches completion.  What is it?  A giant Ferris wheel like the London Eye; it’s going to be called the High Roller.  Until next year…




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