Nerd’s Eye View: SEMA Edition 2012, Part II


After digging around the car, I noticed Ford conveniently had the engine and turbos mounted on a stand.  On the exhaust manifolds, they used really nice 4-to-1 merge collectors to a bellows joint.  The bellows allow for vibrations and thermal expansion/contraction relieving stress off the numerous welded joints.


Something kind of interesting is the two sensors in the intercooler; I assume they are temperature sensors measuring the temperature of the air entering and exiting the intercooler.  These are massive intercoolers which means they should be able to support massive power.  Figure the 71mm compressor wheel can push ~57 lbs/min (the BW compressor map on their website for the 7064 shows 56 lbs/min), that’s ~114 lbs/min of total airflow for the pair of turbos.  I’m going to guess this engine is capable of 1000whp on race gas.


Another racecar in the Ford booth was the Focus ST-R.  It was designed to be a turn-key racer a person could buy and go racing in a series such as Grand-Am or World Challenge.


The Focus ST-R has a 2.0L Ecoboost turbocharged engine of course.  Hence the intercooler.  I think that wire mesh in the grill is typically solid as that’s where a European license plate would go.  Because it’s now a racecar, it’s opened up to airflow for maximum cooling.


Now that’s a cage!  It was built to FIA regulations which are probably the most stringent out there for maximum safety.


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